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Natural Golf StanceWhat is Natural Golf?
Natural Golf is quite simply an easier way to play the game of golf. In fact, Natural Golf is an evolution in the way golf is being played. We are proud to say that this evolution is sweeping the nation – and the world. Natural Golf is giving people a better way to play golf!

What makes Natural Golf different from conventional golf?
The grip is more powerful. The stance is more stable. The swing is simpler and repeatable. As a result, Natural Golfers are playing better golf, lowering their scores and enjoying the game more. More time is spent in the fairways translating to fewer lost balls, lower scores!

Why play Natural Golf?
To make the same shot day after day, you need to master a repeatable swing. In the conventional golf swing, the hands and arms rotate the clubface in order to square the club at impact, while the legs, hips, and shoulders are turning away from the target line. This requires not only precise timing and coordination, but it is typically only achieved through daily practice. The Natural Golf Swing™ is much easier to make, and its rewards come quickly. With more than 100,000 golfers playing Natural Golf, it is the only proven method that allows golfers of all levels to hit straight, accurate shots, time after time!

Natural Golf Swing ComparisonIs the Natural Golf Swing™ right for me?
During the past 40 years, the average number of rounds played in golf has gone up substantially, yet the average golf score has not changed. On the other hand, golfers converting to Natural Golf average a 25% reduction in their scores within 6 months! Whether you are brand new to the sport or a lifelong player, a scratch golfer or one who has never shot better than 130, and if you would like to learn to hit longer and straighter golf shots in order to score better and have more fun golfing, then Natural Golf is the right swing for you!

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